The Pursuit of Passion

Praise for The Pursuit of Passion

I don't get up early enough for the sunrise, but reading George's posts of the Passion Party are the next best thing. A very inspirational and thought- provoking way to start the day. Kind of a creative kick-in-the-ass.

Mark Zaslove, television and magazine writer

Usually we're running flat-out just to keep up. George reminds us to catch our breath and consider what's really important: Why am I doing this? Where am I going?

Roger Gillott, Crisis PR guru, President, Gillott Communications

George's Passion Party writings have inspired me to be a better person and to realize what is truly important in life.

Eric Epstein, attorney

Through his thoughts and insights shared in this marvelous collection, George shines a light on my soul and raises my awareness that all is possible if I care, share and listen, to know when to lead, when to follow and when to let go and let God.

Craig Lamar, realtor

George's ruminations, though they vary as to topic, almost always hearken back to basic themes of service, integrity, and enthusiasm- all basic keys to success in any endeavor. He jangles those keys for us, lest they have sat too long in our pocket without our having acted upon them.

Mark Gershenson, attorney

Like a jazz improviser for whom encyclopedic knowledge of the scales and the canon is a mere jumping off point, George has managed to synthesize an enormous amount of familiar self-improvement strategy and thought into something very original, personal, and, dare I say, of spiritual value to the reader.

Brian Diedrich, Digital Advertising Executive

Each day I take a minute vacation from work, take a deep breath, and I read the latest Passion Party blog. Then I return to my work, feeling refreshed and a bit more creative.

Jim Wilberger, Film Director, The Hallmark Channel

The Passion Party always seems to be just the exact message I needed to hear. It holds me accountable each day to read, think, evaluate, and implement.

Kathie Moore, CRS, realtor

I work in the always connected world of electronic devices, and George's passion party is refreshing. His posts often show the importance of making time for a face to face conversation, and giving all my attention to the people around me.

Asher Dahan, Accurate Data Networks, Inc.

What's really important: self-honesty, kindness, humor, love, and staying focused - the Passion Party writings are such great reminders.

Mary K., paralegal

I have been keeping George's 'musings' in a separate folder on my computer. I keep them because they are just too thought-provoking, touching, funny, true, insightful and/or clever to delete. I always look forward to the next one...

Debbi Kanoff, retired lawyer

George's Passion Party blog brightens my life, gives me a smile, and presents a real perspective on what's important in today's convoluted world.

Chris Lebenzon, film producer and editor

I receive hundreds of emails every day. I save "The Passion Party" for that part of the day when I want to take a holiday from the prosaic to think beyond my current reach. It is my midday vacation---and inspiration.

Michael B. Altman, CLU, ChFC, Altman & Kabaker

When I open my e-mail and find the most recent posting to Passion Party from George, it always makes me smile. It's funny how someone else's take on the issues we all grapple with every day can unexpectedly open a door into our own thinking and bring light where none may have existed before. George's pure take on these weighty matters of heart and soul gives me the comfort to know I'm not struggling alone.

Janet Duffy, freelance writer, "Easy As Writing"

I find George's blog very insightful and refreshing, filled with info that pertains to journey in this thing we call life.

M.B. Gordy, Los Angeles based freelance musician and composer

When a person integrates the practical and the artistic, the material and the spiritual, I listen. The world has more than enough disconnection; I am inspired by people who put things together. Real passion flows from these poems, the product of a mind and heart in synch.

Rabbi Shmuel Klatzkin